Installation Guide for the Cat fence roller kits for cat-proofing your yard - Oscillot Europe and UK

Bracket or No Brackets

A bracket is an optional extra. It’s merely an extension of a post kit that provides a different angle and a slight lift to the fence rollers. If you have a flat-top fence with low climbability aspect, like a metal or concrete fence, the use of brackets is not necessary. Brackets are included in our Timber/Wooden cat-proof fence kits.

We recommend installing with brackets in the following scenarios:

>> Your fence is made out of wood, which is an easy-to-sink-claws-in material

>> Your fence has vertical posts that separate fence panels. Brackets will help lift Oscillot rollers and clear the posts

>> Your fence has horizontal beams under the fence line. A beam can be used as a “step” that a cat can use as a leverage to push itself up and over the system

Rotate the bracket position to achieve a different angle of installation to best fit your fence design.

Brackets or No brackets - Oscillot cat fence roller installation
Brackets or No brackets - Oscillot cat fence roller installation

IMPORTANT! When installing with brackets you must ensure that the gap between the fence panel and an Oscillot roller is not large enough for a cat to squeeze through.